Company Background


GIZASLA is an eastern inspired female streetwear clothing distributor  & international stockist of curated streetwear brands from Asia. The company selects a variety fashion pieces and vintage clothing from Asia's trending modern fashion scene as well as simple essentials that are made for any wardrobe. We also stock small established brands to support and help them grow. Each brand is put through a careful vetting process for quality and price that our expert designers and manufacturers hand pick 



The Journey for our brand began in Asia where our owners worked as large distributors and curators for many large domestic companies. They saw the growing interest for Japan streetwear in the western scene and decided to take on the ambitious goal of delivering an even greater variety of Asia's trending pieces to foreign streetwear enthusiasts. Since 2019 they have worked hard to bring this project to reality by collecting foreign influences and understanding fashion culture across the world. 


Fast forward today, GIZASLA is the fastest growing brand for Asian streetwear that has hired talents from US, Canada and Europe to forge the vision they have. This is all thanks to loyal customers, our dedicated team and the local designers from each individual brand we list.